Join the Concord Minute Men!

Want to be part of history?   The Concord Minute Men would love to have you.   There are many ways you and your family can be involved:

Join our Fife and Drum unit - we have a very active music unit.  We have regular fife and drum sessions in Concord center and participate in all the parades and ceremonies of the unit such as Patriot's Day parade, Memorial Day parade and remembrances, etc.

Join the Musket Unit - get into the action!  We can help you get outfitted.  It can be an investment but it's literally a blast!  

Join the Color Guard - proudly carry the company banner!  

Join as a supporter!  - it takes a village.  We need help organizing, publicizing, and outfitting the unit.  There are many ways you can help! 

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