Uniform of the Day


The uniform of the day for formal occasions, when strict uniformity of appearance is important, is as follows: 
a. Black military cocked hat or civilian tricorn with the com­pany's white cockade and no further ornament. 
b. Red neckerchief, tied beneath the shirt collar in ascot fashion and without ornament. 
c. White shirt. 
d. Wheat-color waistcoat with brass buttons. 
e. Brown breeches with brass and pewter buttons. 
f . Beige stockings. 
g. Black shoes with brass buckles, simulated buckles and black-leather lace covers being acceptable. 
h . Brown leather hunting bag. 
i. Powder horn - with measuring horn, if available. 
j. Chain with pick and brush , if available. 

Patterns and materials for cockade, neckerchief , shirt , waistcoat , and breeches, and the company issue stockings, buttons, and simulated buckles with lace covers are available from the Quartermaster. 

Linen or canvas haversacks are acceptable for music men instead of leather hunting bags. 

White clay pipes worn in the rear lacing of the hat are acceptable and should be carried with the bowl turned downward. 

The rank held by each minute man is designated by the color of the small cockade ribbon in accordance with the following list:
Captain: gold Lieutenant: silver Ensign : moss green Quartermaster: green Sergeant Major: red Sergeant: blue Private: beige · Physician: purple 

The uniform of the day for informal occasions, when uniformity of appearance is not strictly important -and most company functions are in this category -includes all of the items of the formal uniform plus such of the following items as individuals may choose: 
a. Bayonet with sheath and leather shoulder belt. 
b. Sheathed tomahawk. 
c. Leather cartridge pouch (or cartouche) with wooden block . 
d. Wooden canteen. 
e.· Linen or canvas haversack. 
f.· Tin or pewter cup. 

It is highly recommended that each musket man procure a bayonet and leather carriage since drill with the bayonet is often a part of the company's public performances, including parades.